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Sibylline Podcast - Turkey/US – Growing Bilateral Tensions Raise Risks from Popular Anti-American Sentiment in Turkey

August 22, 2018

Over recent months, the tensions between the US and Turkey have escalated, notably in the form of bilateral trade sanctions.

In this podcast we look at why this is occurring and what the main drivers are, both superficially and under the surface. We identify that the harnessing of nationalist and even religious sentiment in this situation is causing popular anger towards the US within Turkey, as demonstrated by the recent drive-by shooting of the US embassy. We also look at the broader risks to the business environment in Turkey in the coming months.

Key points include:

  • The latest iterations of reciprocal tensions
  • Key drivers, internationally and from each side
  • Predictions on how this will evolve over the coming months
  • Red flags and indications of severe escalation

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